If I hadn’t come across Godo, their system and their amazing helpfulness and service, I would have surely lost my mind a long time ago. Absolutely essential.

Jón Þór, Mengi Kjarnholt & Mengi Apartments

On all accounts we are very satisfied with the service from Godo and have been from day one, we started in spring 2015. Overview of bookings, clarity and access to view bookings is outstanding. We have already recommended this system to others in the industry and without a doubt will recommend it in the future.

Ólafur B. Blöndal, fasteign.is

Godo is a simple and easy to use system with countless possibilities that greatly improve our lives. We receive all information needed out of the system. It is also handy to be able to retrieve this information specific to each user.  We at Hotel Aldan recommend Godo for everyone, be they large or small operations.

Sigfríð, Hotel Aldan

Godo is an integral part of our business, it is very user friendly and simple to use so new staff members learn quickly how to use it. More importantly, their personal service and customer support is extremely ambitious which makes all the difference for us. Since we started using Godo our revenue has increased significantly and we don´t have to deal with overbookings anymore.

Daníel Smárason Hótel Akureyri, Hrafninn & Akurinn

Godo Property has been with us since day one and has helped us grow our business from one hotel to three within a year. The ability to manage multiple property and many users is exceptional.

Garðar Hólm, Hotel Manager at Norðurey Hotels & Guesthouse

I have been using Godo for a long time and my experience with it is really good. The revenue management and dynamic pricing functionality has helped me maximize my revenue potential. It is so easy to navigate and extract valuable information from. The professionalism and customer friendliness of the Godo staff has really been amazing.

Örn Kjartansson

The system is easy to use and it great how easy it is to create different user accounts for our staff with only relevant information for them.  Communication with the Godo support team has been awesome  and very efficient and it is safe to say that Godo are driven to create sustainable solutions.

Ólafur B. Blöndal, fasteign.is

We are absolutely thrilled with Godo. The service is exceptional and customer support very responsive. The paybutton is revolutionary. I recommend their system to everyone I know.

Sólveig Guðmundsdóttir, Manager at Heart of Reykjavik

Godo has saved me so much time. It is simple to use and meets all my requirements. The staff at Godo are really friendly and resourceful. They quickly come up with solutions that suit me and respond quickly when I need their help.

Rakel Runólfsdóttir, Manager at Hvammstangi Cottages & Hvammstangi Hostel

If I hadn’t come across Godo, their system and their amazing helpfulness and service, I would have surely lost my mind a long time ago. Absolutely essential.

Kári Viðarsson, Freezer Hostel

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