In one platform you can manage all reservations, guest information and control your prices and availability. You can charge bookings with the click of a button, send automatic emails to your guests and let our Hotel PMS do the hard work while you focus on the needs of your guests. Godo Property is currently used by over 800 properties.


Our Operational Services for Hotels, Guesthouses & Vacation Rentals

Revenue Management
Channel Expert (Sales process online)
Cleaning service in cooperation with Nostra


Godo Pay is a great solution to minimise time and reduce risk of errors while charging your bookings. The system is integrated and designed into Godo Property and works with all major card providers. Godo sends out receipts and confirmations of payment along with tagging the booking itself as “Paid”.


Godo is releasing a new product which is a Market connection between Hotels and Travel Agencies. This allows Travel Agencies to reach their inventory directly and manage their bookings better. This product will help Travel Agencies and Hotels to reduce time spent on unnecessary emails and communication. 


Our system is now connected to DK accounting systems and Microsoft NAV. We are currently connecting further partners such as Regla and Uniconta along with other smaller partners.
If you would like to use one of these connections please reach out to one of our operators who will assist you further.

Our main competencies

How does the system work?