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Godo Property is an asset to your hotel. It has all the essentials a hotel booking software needs for you to run your business successfully. In addition to boosting your sales and reservations our booking software has all the functions you need to enable your staff to offer the best possible service to your guests and maintain an organised business.


You can create user accounts for each of your staff members with our customised setup so everyone has the access to all information relevant to them. This helps your staff become easily comfortable with the system on their own.

Our property management system is designed for our customers to make their work easier, quicker and more productive. Your receptionist can check guests in and out with the single click of a button and quickly see if any balance is unpaid. Your cleaners can easily access cleaning reports and mark rooms clean or dirty via tablet or mobile phone. What else do you need from a hotel booking software?


PayButton combines all factors of convenience, speed and accessibility in one function. Simply clicking PayButton automatically charges bookings from any hotel sales channels such as Expedia, hotels.com, booking.com and agoda as well as from your own website.

Our hotel booking software system even sends you a warning message if you receive a booking with incorrect credit card data. This is essential for any business owner to keep track of any potential loss of revenue from a no-show or invalid payment details. You can designate payment collection access to selected staff members to ensure the security of your business and your guests.

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We are absolutely thrilled with Godo. The service is exceptional and customer support very responsive. The paybutton is revolutionary. I recommend their system to everyone I know.

Sólveig Guðmundsdóttir, Manager at Heart of Reykjavik