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Godo's PMS is a cloud based solution that keeps all your information in one place. Whether its bookings, information about guests, reports, payments and so much more. The system is suitable for all kinds of properties, whether you have a hotel, a guesthouse, hostel or just renting out your apartment.

Channel Manager

With Godo Property you can include a channel manager where you can connect to every major OTA. They include booking.com, expedia (hotels.com), airbnb.com, homeaway.com, tripadvisor, Hosteling International, Hotelbeds, Agoda, HRS and so many more.


On your calendar you can easily see an overview of all bookings, guests, room order, availability and booked rooms. You can easily move bookings with our drag and drop feature. There you can also see your revenue manager and see where there are opportunities to raise or lower prices based on your booking situation as well as setting rules on pricing.

Booking Engine

Godo's booking engine is suitable for all kinds of websites. You can customize the booking engine any way you please. The booking engine has a simple and streamlined process to ensure that it increases your likelihood for people to finish the process. You can set lower prices on your own website then on OTA's and set up a Google Ads campaign to maximize your bookings.

Payment System

With our payment system you can collect card payments with one click, whether its standard or non refundable. If card numbers are declined or not correct you can ask for updated information straight from our system. Our payment system includes Borgun, Valitor and Korta, so you can decide which one you want to use. Payments can go straight to your accounting software and a receipt is sent automatically to your client.

Revenue Manager

With our revenue manager it is easy to set up multiple price lists: standard, non refundable, lower prices for your website, prices for travel agencies, seasonal prices, discounts, weekend prices and price rules for minimum stays to name a few options.


Here you can have an overview of who arrives, who will stay and who will be checking out You can register guests with a single click and see an overview of payments and outstanding balances.


It is very straight forward to add bookings whether its individual or group bookings. You can connect different bookings together, label them and adjust settings for what information is visible like names, amount of guests and more. You can also adjust what information you can see by hovering over the bookings. You can book a group in one place, change information or insert name lists for each group to name a few.


For accounting you can set up clients and products and connect them to your accounting software. Godo Property is connected to DK, Regla, Nav and Uniconta that simplifies your accounting by a lot. You can easily look up bookings from clients.


Here you can see an overview of the booking status for the next weeks, new bookings flowing into the system and what channels they come from.


An overview of what units need to be cleaned and which are clean. You can also find reports for staff shifts in the future, what times and dates are strenuous. You can also sign up for our brand new app Godo Pronto. Pronto is a cleaning and quality app for hotels that increases automation and quality.


A database that has an overview over all guests. There you can add comments for regular clients and other guests.

Automated e-mails and text messages

Automation is the hottest buzz word in our industry today because it can help with efficiency, levels of customer service and saves time for employees. You can create automated rules for e-mails and text messages like confirmations, arrivals, information, receipts, reviews and up-sell items and amenities. Texts are personalized where you can drag information about bookings like names, key codes and many more.


In the system we have all kinds of reports, everything from reports to the Federal reserve to booking reports and revenue reports to name a few. You can adjust the settings to create your customized reports with the numbers that you need.

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