What is Godo Property?

Godo Property is an easy-to-use hotel PMS, customisable to fit your property. In one platform you can manage all reservations, guest information and control your prices and availability. You can charge bookings with the click of a button, send automatic emails to your guests and let our Hotel PMS do the hard work while you focus on the needs of your guests.

Channel Manager

The key factor in the success of your property is the correct placement on the right sales channels. The Godo Property staff knows the ins and outs of all the major booking channels – consult with us and we will advise you which works best for you and your property.

Booking Page

Get the commission-free booking from your own website. Our booking page fits on any website, and you can put exclusive promotions, up-sell items, and much more.

With our Hotel PMS and a vast collection of online booking channels, you can maximize your revenue while focusing on making your guests happier and enjoying their stay.

These Are Our Key Features

Godo Property is a cloud-based system, accessible on any computer, tablet or a smartphone. All your data is stored securely and is always accessible to you.

We understand the importance of a fast, responsive support. You can relax knowing that our support team is experienced in hospitality industry and understanding frequent issues you encounter – and they’re at your disposal 24/7.

With your Godo Property subscription you can have multiple users at no additional cost. You can control each each user’s access rights to fit their own needs (e.g. manager, cleaner, accounting, front desk).

Godo Property is useful and convenient if you are managing multiple properties. You can access all properties at once and grant different users access to relevant properties.

Do you want a Front Desk page to overview your reservations, occupancy or even daily revenues? That’s all possible with Godo Property.

Our calendar serves as a simple overview of all your reservations and enables clear control over your inventory and prices.

Send different prices to various sales channels, put in seasonal or minimum stay pricing rules, or create your own automatic rules to adapt prices according to your occupancy.

With our drag and drop functionality you can quickly move reservations across different units or properties.  With this feature you can also very easily upgrade guests between units.

Assign different colours and automatic rules to your reservations. You can change the colour of the reservation when the guest has paid and also assign different colours to each sales channel, managing an overall colour scheme of your reservations.

Send out confirmation emails, frequently asked questions, payment receipts, access codes, maps and promotions to your guests once they make a reservation. You can also automatically notify your cleaning staff when required.

We understand the importance of a fast & responsive support. You can relax knowing that our 24/7 support is always at your disposal. Our support team is experienced in the hospitality industry and understands the frequent issues you may encounter in this line of work.

Benefit from a wide selection of reports, custom or standard. You can even design your own report that is tailor-made to your specific needs, which you can also use as a tool for management.

What Our Customers Say

We value our customers and our service.

Here are some of the feedback that we have gotten from our valued customers for our Hotel PMS.

  • If I hadn’t come across Godo, their system and their amazing helpfulness and service, I would have surely lost my mind a long time ago. Absolutely essential.

    Jón Þór, Mengi Kjarnholt & Mengi Apartments
  • On all accounts we are very satisfied with the service from Godo and have been from day one, we started in spring 2015. Overview of bookings, clarity and access to view bookings is outstanding. We have already recommended this system to others in the industry and without a doubt will recommend it in the future.

    Ólafur B. Blöndal, fasteign.is
  • Godo is a simple and easy to use system with countless possibilities that greatly improve our lives. We receive all information needed out of the system. It is also handy to be able to retrieve this information specific to each user.  We at Hotel Aldan recommend Godo for everyone, be they large or small operations.

    Sigfríð, Hotel Aldan
  • Godo is an integral part of our business, it is very user friendly and simple to use so new staff members learn quickly how to use it. More importantly, their personal service and customer support is extremely ambitious which makes all the difference for us. Since we started using Godo our revenue has increased significantly and we don´t have to deal with overbookings anymore.

    Daníel Smárason Hótel Akureyri, Hrafninn & Akurinn
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