Godo Basics

Loggin In

There are two ways to log into the Godo PMS You can either visit https://property.godo.is or visit our website www.godo.is and press the log in button in the top right corner. Please see refer to the videos below

WIKI We encourage all our users to go over the WIKI as much as they feel needed. The WIKI can be used by searching for related terms as well as using related articles. Using the Wiki will make you more independent with the software which will result in better use.

How to use the Front desk
The Front desk area has 4 menus, here is an example of predefined menus that we can setup for you:
Front desk
The front desk is used to Check in/out guests, reviewing current guests and has an overview of guests checked in as well as notifications of errors within the system.
The Management menu is setup to track your bookings, sources and have a general occupancy and a booking overview for your next days.
Within this menu you will find a Housekeeping report based on bookings or units. Choose which one you prefer or if you’d prefer to use “Standard Reports”.
Custom Reports Here you can save all your custom reports for reviewing.

How to use Calendar & Drag and Drop
Within the calendar you will find Channel Manager settings and bookings.
Add Booking / Group Booking Adding bookings is easy through the calendar, use the designated Add Booking or Group booking button, or simply hit the suitcase on a room type where you’d like to book. Add Booking / Group booking
Allows you adjust the rooms available per day.
Use Stopsell to close your inventory for a room type

Daily Price
Insert your prices, decide how many daily price categories to manage Min Stay / Max Stay For those channels who accept this through connection, you can set min/max stay.

Price Multiplier
Can be used to multiply, raise or lower all your daily prices and rates: 90%= 10% lower prce / 110%= 10% raise on all prices.

A booking is always an individual booking, if they are linked together they create a group. Within a booking you will find these menus:
Info, Summary, Details, Charges and Payments ,Invoice, Email, Log, Paybutton
To get deeper into each section, please visit our WIki – Calendar – Bookings

Customers & Invoice
When making bookings you might want to assign a customer. This will allow you to draw reports through which customer you are trading with and is needed when Godo is connected to a bookkeeping system.
Customers are setup withing “Settings -> Guest Management ->Customers”
If you have more than 15 customers you would like to add, you can provide us an Excel sheet with your customers and we will import them for you. support@godo.is
Your invoice can be setup with Template Variables and is already predefined in your invoice section when you receive your account. You can adjust this invoice to your preference and insert graphics and your company information.

Price Management – Daily Price / Rates
In order to manage your prices in Godo, you need to use Offers and usually Daily Prices are used for Online management, such as your Booking Page and Channel Manager connections to OTA’s (Booking.com/Expedia.com) and Rates are usually used for Travel Agencies and Rack Rates.
In Godo there are 4 offers, and these will define how your rates are sent to OTA’s and in what order the pricing will appear when making a booking internally in Godo or how they appear on the Booking Page.
Daily Prices
Define how many Daily Prices you would like to manage and on which offers they should be registered and where they should be sent . They can be used typically for:
Standard Rate – offer 1 (only sent to OTA channels)
Non Refundable – offer 2 (only sent to OTA channels)
Booking Page – offer 1 (used for internal use and Booking Page)
Booking Page min 2 nights – offer 1 (used as discount for internal use and Booking Page)
Define how many Rates you would like to manage and which offers they should be registered and where they should be sent. They can be used typically for:
Travel agency rate 1 – offer 2 (used for internal use and Booking Page)
Travel agency rate 2 – offer 3 (used for internal use and Booking Page)

Paybutton In order to apply to use this function, go ahead and contact „support@godo.is“ and request to register.

Auto Actions
You can trigger emails to be sent via your bookings. In order to have your email address as the sending mail address, you need to insert your mail server settings into: Settings -> Account – > Outgoing Email.
In the same way as sending out regular emails, you can send out your invoice template as a mail.
Flagging bookings
Auto actions can be used to flag bookings. I.e. per channels, per invoice status or per information included or excluded in a booking.

Booking Page
Page Design
Within Page Design you will find most of your aesthetic and functional parameters for your booking page. Start with setting up the Layout and after you should adjust your style and content.
iFrame Embedding
https://www.godoproperty.com/old/bookingpage/ – password is: godo123
Within “Settings -> Booking Page -> Booking Widgets” you will find a HTML code for a Booking widget that sends you into the booking page, as well as a “Booking Button”. Finally the main engine is taken from “Booking Widgets -> Embedded iFrame”.

Reports Reports To see a report in the system, choose the „Reports“ tab and hit either standard or custom reports. Select the dates you need for your report and hit „show“ or simply Note: Country Report is Gistináttaskýrsla

Yield Optimizer Create New Rule. Give your rule a name, for example „discount“. Choose the start and end date and then choose the price multiplier (hint: 90% means 10% discount, and 110% means 10% increase, etc.). Please click Trigger and choose the corresponding rooms within a property and then choose Apply too and choose the corresponding property and rooms.

Booking Rules
This important section will control how people are able to book through your Booking Page, as well as your tax rate. Upsell Items / Extra Invoice items Upsell items are/can be bookable through the booking page as well as when making an internal booking. Extra invoice items are only used for creating invoices through charges and payments. Please contact support for assistance with setting up your upsell or invoice items if you are not sure which ones to use. support@godo.is Note: for bookkeeping system connections, your offered items need to be setup with their ID that connects to a bookkeeping system. Booking Questions Standard questions applies to which rates need to be filled out when your guests register their details on the booking page. The custom questions can be used to create extra columns and registry options within “Detail” in your booking. Typically used for travel agency information about the group or other extra details you register with your bookings. These can also be used as mandatory questions that guests need to answer before finishing their booking via the booking page or when making a booking internally.